What MAPLE Needs, 2020

Like many nonprofits this year, the Monastic Academy is facing a gap between our funds raised and our expenses. Donate $33 so we can continue to create the trustworthy leaders that the world needs!

A 4D Geometry of Contemporary Politics

Collapsing nuanced differences of thinking into a single axis, such as Left vs. Right, is a common mistake that has caused misunderstanding and confusion. Complexifying the way we describe and think about ideologies is a necessary step in order to properly understand the state of contemporary politics.

Harari on Humanism

Harari’s work has influenced Forall and the teachings at MAPLE in a number of ways. One of the major ways is Harari’s emphasis on stories or narratives as the coordination mechanism that has given Homo Sapiens its power. Another major influence from Harari has been his description of Humanism.

Education in a Time Between Worlds

Zachary Stein’s Education in a Time Between Worlds is an impressive feat of scholarship, activism, and education. The book’s guiding question is, “What should education look like in the twenty-first century?”