Mapping Moneyball

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In this post, I’ll show you you how I might apply Empire Theory and Burja Mapping to a more or less “real world situation.” I have so far typically applied these tools to situations related…

On the Use and Abuse of SWOT Diagrams

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In my previous posts, I’ve discussed Burja Maps as a complement to Wardley Maps and other tools for assessing the strategic landscape. Juxtaposing different kinds of analyses (or the same tool used in multiple contexts)…

Foundations of Burja Mapping

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Now that we’ve given a more thorough account of why Burja Mapping is useful as a complement to other forms of strategic thinking, let’s dive deeper into the details of combining mapping with Empire Theory.

Why Map Power?

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In my last post, Towards Burja Mapping, I proposed a new kind of strategic mapping, Burja Mapping (or power mapping, or empire mapping). Burja Mapping combines Samo Burja’s Empire Theory with a form of mapping…