Hi! I’m Tasshin! 🙏

My vow is to empower the wise and loving.


  • I vow to exemplify trustworthiness: I will develop my own wisdom, love, and power as a leader.
  • I vow to integrate Mind, Body, and Attention: I will use every skill and capacity I have to grow as a person and leader.
  • I vow to reach truth: I will strive to find awakening in this lifetime, the end of suffering, the relinquishment of all attachments. I will live up to my name, 達真: to reach or achieve truth.


  • I vow to empower the wise and loving: to share the power that I have with those who are trustworthy, to teach and spread what I have learned and benefitted from.
  • I vow to lead as my community asks me: I will be a teacher, a mentor, a leader, as my community needs and as the world asks.
  • I vow to read, write, and speak in service of others: As a scholar monk, I will research questions that matter, and distribute the answers I find.

Civilization, Planet, Cosmos

  • I vow to help monasteries flourish in the modern world: As a social institution, monasteries create the leaders we need. I vow to serve their flourishing.
  • I vow to save the world: The world’s problems pose enormous existential risks, not only for humans, but for all life on Earth. We cannot hesitate to act in this moment of crisis.
  • I vow to save all beings: I vow to embody the Bodhisattva ideal, to liberate all beings, to walk the path of Awakening towards complete Buddhahood.

My Writing

I write about meditation, monasteries, productivity, strategy, and more.

Here are the blog posts and resources that I think are my best:




Feel free to reach out or say hi on Twitter (@tasshinfogleman) or by email ([email protected]).