Hi! I’m Tasshin! 🙏

Hi! I’m Tasshin! I’m an extremely online wandering quasi-monk on indefinite pilgrimage for the benefit of all beings. 💗

I primarily think of my efforts in terms of two endeavors these days: spreading loving kindness, and following my curiosity.

Loving Kindness ❤️

Loving kindness, or mettā, is a meditation technique where you intentionally cultivate positive, happy, loving thoughts and feelings: thoughts of good will towards yourself and others, and feelings of happiness, unconditional love, joy, and care. Loving kindness is relatively easy, extremely enjoyable – even blissful – and it can genuinely change your life.

Curiosity 🤓

I explore my curiosity through my reading, writing, and conversations. It’s hard to know in advance where following my curiosity will lead me – but typically it ends up somewhere enjoyable, fascinating, and – I believe – beneficial for the world.

Conversations 🗣

To me, people are sacred, and conversations are worship. I find that everyone is endlessly fascinating if you know how to watch and listen and ask questions. My podcast is a way to explore this fascination with people, and share that with the world.

The Reach Truth podcast is a long-form interview and talk show that tries to understand the character and mission of its guests, and to bring awareness to good people, good projects, and good ideas.

Themes vary based on the guest, but recurring themes include: spirituality, technology, the environment, society, psychology, self-help, movement practices.

The show is primarily a video podcast, but audio episodes are also available.

Here are a few of my favorite episodes:

Writing 📝

I write about meditation, Buddhism, productivity, strategy, and more. My gold standard for my writing is to “write the piece I wish I’d read when I became interested in the topic.” I want to leave the breadcrumbs I wish I’d found. Here’s where to find my writing:

  • Twitter: kind, introspective, curious, playful tweets and threads 🐦
  • Newsletter: cozy, vulnerable, inspiring, irregular updates 💌
  • Notebook: shortform, rougher pieces exploring new topics ✍🏻
  • Blog Posts: longform writing with stories and in-depth, “unreasonably long” introductions to topics I’m interested in

Here are some of my blog posts and other resources that I think are my best:


Creative Commons

I like to use Creative Commons as much as possible for my projects. I want to benefit as many people as possible, and Creative Commons is a wonderful vehicle for enabling that.

I prefer to use non-commercial licenses for anything that is related to the Dharma or spirituality, because the Dharma and spiritual teachings should be free for all.

By default, my podcast recordings are licensed with a CC BY 2.0 license, although in some cases guests have asked to use alternative licenses for specific episodes.

Original writing on this website is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0). Images by Sílvia Bastos are also licensed under the same license.

Where I use or cite other authors or creators, it is under fair use, and copyright is retained by the original creators, unless an alternative CC license is mentioned.

Support My Work

Generosity makes my life and work possible. It feels like right livelihood for me right now. You can support my work through Patreon. Thank you! May this work benefit all beings. 🙏

“All who act upon their highest motivations become a power for good.”

Peace Pilgrim

My Name

My name, Tasshin (達真) means to reach or achieve truth. You can pronounce it “toss shin” (that’s the Americanized pronunciation) or “toss sheen” (the Japanese pronunciation). I received this name in 2018, when I took bodhisattva vows with my teachers Shinzen Young and Soryu Forall.


Feel free to reach out to say hi on Twitter (@tasshinfogleman) or by email ([email protected]).




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