Hi! I’m Tasshin! 🙏

Hi! I’m Tasshin! I am bringing loving kindness into the world for the benefit of all beings. 💗

“All who act upon their highest motivations become a power for good.”
Peace Pilgrim

Loving Kindness

Loving kindness, or mettā, is one of the most powerful meditation techniques that I’ve found. It’s relatively easy, extremely enjoyable – even blissful – and it can genuinely change your life.

My Writing

I write about meditation, Buddhism, productivity, strategy, and more.

Here are the blog posts and resources that I think are my best:


Around the Web

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  • YouTube Channel + Podcast: in-depth, intimate, inspiring conversations with a wide variety of interesting characters; experimental, exploratory vlog episodes 🎥
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My Name

My name, Tasshin (達真) means to reach or achieve truth. You can pronounce it “toss shin” (that’s the Americanized pronunciation) or “toss sheen” (the Japanese pronunciation). I received this name in 2018, when I took bodhisattva vows with my teachers Shinzen Young and Soryu Forall.


  • I am currently in Austin!
  • I have begun working on writing a book on loving kindness meditation. The draft is available here, and you are welcome to comment on it or make suggestions.
  • My current interests: Sun Tai Chi, Zhan Zhuang, dance, self-therapy techniques, and marketing. ⚡️


Feel free to reach out to say hi on Twitter (@tasshinfogleman) or by email ([email protected]).




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