This is a memex of my ideas, distilled from my talking points, inspired by my friends Visa and River and others. You can download a PDF of it if you like.

Love ❤️

  • we are the universe trying to understand itself, trying to love itself
  • all there is to do is to be present and loving, in this moment, for the rest of one’s life
  • loving-kindness meditation is a fun, enjoyable, wholesome technique, a sane default
  • one loving thought a day is a minimum viable mettā practice
  • love yourself, love others, love all
  • really enjoy it
  • feelings of love long to manifest as acts of kindness in the world
  • the true measure of your practice is the kindness of your actions
  • life is short, say “i love you” with every chance you get, in every way you can
  • let friendship be a temple where you can express all the love that lies within your heart
  • there is a way that love wants to express itself through each of us that needs to come alive
  • find the courage to go on the quest, to love the hero you watch yourself become
  • dare to let love be the answer


  • every day is a chance to play and enjoy, learn and grow, give and serve
  • trust your curiosity, trust your interest, trust your fascination, trust your questions
  • let yourself follow your most burning curiosities
  • the depths of your curiosity are measured by your unknowing, your faith in the burn
  • people are sacred, conversations are worship
  • every question a doorway
  • a good question can change hearts, lives, worlds
  • learn for the sake of your own happiness, delight in the surprise that this benefits the world also
  • share what you learn, as a gift to the world, as a portal towards further discoveries
  • leave the breadcrumbs you wish you’d found
  • you are and can be a genius, that potential lies within all

Empowerment 🪄

  • fun and service are deeply connected, inseparable, two sides of the same coin
  • the internet is a playground where we can learn to serve with joy
  • to see someone’s soul, to reflect it back as a mirror, is a beautiful gift for them and a great kindness to the world
  • “i believe in you” is a spell we all have the power to cast with our words and our deeds
  • everyone has a vow, a gift to give, a life purpose—it’s what you came here to do
  • your vow emerges in the dance between who you are and the world you find yourself in
  • steer towards your vow by way of a service project, a quest
  • pick a fun, feasible, ambitious, beneficial, you-shaped project
  • do it bigger, do it better, beating level after level, for maximum deep benefit
  • honor your word, protect your integrity, keep your promises
  • your goodness, your wisdom, your love make you worthy of power
  • give your gift, complete what you set out to do, offer what you have created as a blessing for the world
  • love your heart, live your code, find your vow, do your deeds, coordinate with friends and allies, serve all

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