Curiosity ❓

I explore my curiosity through my reading, writing, and conversations. It’s hard to know in advance where following my curiosity will lead me – but typically it ends up somewhere enjoyable, fascinating, and – I believe – beneficial for the world.

Conversations πŸ—£

To me, people are sacred, and conversations are worship. I find that everyone is endlessly fascinating if you know how to watch and listen and ask questions. My podcast is a way to explore this fascination with people, and share that with the world.

The Reach Truth podcast is a long-form interview and talk show that tries to understand the character and mission of its guests, and to bring awareness to good people, good projects, and good ideas.

Themes vary based on the guest, but recurring themes include: spirituality, technology, the environment, society, psychology, self-help, movement practices.

The show is primarily a video podcast, but audio episodes are also available.

Here are a few of my favorite episodes:

Writing πŸ“

I write about meditation, Buddhism, productivity, strategy, and more. My gold standard for my writing is to “write the piece I wish I’d read when I became interested in the topic.” I want to leave the breadcrumbs I wish I’d found. Here’s where to find my writing:

  • Twitter: kind, introspective, curious, playful tweets and threads 🐦
  • Newsletter: cozy, vulnerable, inspiring, irregular updates πŸ’Œ
  • Notebook: shortform, rougher pieces exploring new topics ✍🏻
  • Blog Posts: longform writing with stories and in-depth, “unreasonably long” introductions to topics I’m interested in πŸ“–

Here are some of my blog posts and other resources that I think are my best: