Empowerment 💪

I aspire to see and bring out the best in all beings. This involves perceiving who people are as accurately as I can; seeing the best in them; understanding their strengths, weaknesses, growth edges, service projects; and then taking actionable steps to empower them to serve others.

This whole process—seeing someone deeply, and helping them to live their vow—is something I refer to as empowerment.

I aspire to empower the wise and loving: people with a deep commitment to being of service in the world. I wish to help them find and express their gifts, in a way that brings them deep fulfillment and the world tremendous benefit.

I believe that as I grow my own skills and network, I could build and scale an infrastructure and pipeline for systematically identifying people and supporting them in living their vows, including:

  • systematically identifying skilled, beneficent people
  • reflecting and supporting their gifts in relationship with them
  • skillfully discerning their weaknesses, growth areas, and non-naively accounting for those in my interactions with them
  • connecting people with other people that can help them as collaborators, mentors, etc.
  • providing people with monetary resources at scale
  • marketing and publicizing their efforts so that they are able to launch and benefit people more quickly
  • discerning and realizing potential win-win-win feedback loops between various nodes in my broader network

A pipeline like this could have enormous potential for offering maximum deep benefit to the world.