Metta Squad

Once a week we offer a thirty minutes metta / loving kindness guided meditations on Zoom on Saturdays at 8 PM ET, 5 PM PT.

Saturday Night Metta is held on Zoom. You are welcome to join with your camera on or off, as you prefer.

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What should I expect?

Tasshin or another facilitator will lead 30 minutes of guided loving kindness / metta meditation, followed by a time for questions and discussion.

If you’re new to loving kindness meditation, I recommend reading my article, Practicing Love for some background about what metta is and how to do it. Alternatively, you can read my book on loving kindness, which is longer but more comprehensive.

Saturday Night Metta events are recorded, but only audio is posted, and solely of the guided meditations. You can find the past recordings of the guided meditations here.

How can I support Metta Squad?

Metta Squad offers Saturday Night Metta as a free event, but if you would like to support Metta Squad, you can become Tasshin’s patron on Patreon, or make a donation using Tasshin’s PayPal or Venmo (@tasshin).