A Heavenly Realm

The world is in a moment of transition. Vast, complex, global, systemic problems are coming to a head on a number of fronts. There are no experts who totally understand every aspect of all our problems. There are no adults who will solve them for us.

Things are changing so much, and so fast. We don’t have a choice whether things are going to change, but we do have the power to impact how they unfold.

We foresee these changes polarizing in one direction—cascading into a net-positive or net-negative change—a metaphorical (or perhaps literal) heavenly realm, or hell realm.

At the limit, a heavenly realm is a world where everyone is living in alignment with their vows

Your vow is where your skills and dreams meet the world’s needs and problems. You could also call it your life purpose or your calling. Your vow is deeply joyful for you to offer the world, and it is deeply grateful to receive it. 

We must put all of our efforts into steering towards a heavenly realm. Each of us must do our part.

Each of us has a piece that we need to contribute to solving the larger puzzle. You don’t need to have all the answers. You don’t need to understand everything. You just need to do the thing in front of you that makes sense to do, that seems obvious and good to you—the thing that only you can contribute.

The subjective experience of living in alignment with your vow is tremendous joy, fulfillment, purpose. 

Even one person doing so has incalculable, unprecedented, unimaginable benefit for all; ripples gently shake the whole pond. 

As more and more people come into alignment with their vows, that benefit will compound, so that change in a positive direction accelerates at an ever-increasing rate.

The world will be vastly different, unrecognizable—but if we steer the compounding effects in the right direction, it will be tremendously, overwhelmingly positive. We will have entered a heavenly realm.

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