100 questions

for @threadapalooza: πŸ’― questions about topics I’m curious about or conversations I’d be interested in having.

feel free to reply to any of these with your answers or thoughts, or to RT specific questions if you’d like to discuss them!

  1. how have you cultivated ethics, morality, character, virtue in your own life?
  2. which philosophies have you formerly adhered to, and since abandoned?
  3. meditators/spiritual practitioners, how do you think about awakening? what model of awakening has been the most useful to you in your practice?
  4. do you have any favorite custom loving kindness phrases?
  5. what makes you feel safe in a community, like you can trust the group?
  6. which mutuals do you have really good conversations with? what recurring themes come up in your conversations?
  7. imaginal practitioners, what’s an image you use or return to in your practice?
  8. if you could express yourself in any way, form, or medium, and do it to your satisfaction, how would you express yourself?
  9. tai chi twitter, which styles have you practiced / trained in? what were they like for you?
  10. if you wrote a novel – or another novel for those of you that have written one already – what genre would it be in? what themes would it explore? do you know any characters or scenes you’d need to include?
  11. do you think drugs should be legal? why or why not?
  12. what would you ask Peace Pilgrim, if you could ask her anything?
  13. do you have any special traditions with your friends?
  14. what ways of helping others bring you joy, too?
  15. what makes you feel comfortable when you flirt?
  16. what would you tell your past self about meditation that you didn’t know when you started?
  17. are you looking for mentoring right now in your life? what kind?
  18. are there any places in the world that you’d love to visit, that you haven’t yet?
  19. who’s someone you’d like to see on a podcast that’s never/rarely been interviewed before?
  20. have you discovered any new self care strategies that work for you recently?
  21. buddhist twitter, what do the bodhisattva vows mean to you?
  22. what helped Alexander Technique click for you?
  23. what’s a journaling prompt you like to use repeatedly?
  24. what’s a new-to-you meditation technique, self-therapy approach, or spiritual practice that you’d like to try or explore more?
  25. do you know any unique or unusual ways to express kindness or love that you really value sharing with others, or receiving?
  26. how do we know we’re in a multiverse?
  27. if you could draw anything, and do it beautifully, what would you draw?
  28. what helps you forgive people when they’ve hurt you?
  29. what things make you really happy for your friends?
  30. meditators, how do you like to practice cultivating equanimity?
  31. if you could ask your future self anything, what’s one question you’d want to ask?
  32. what’s your favorite film soundtrack to listen to?
  33. have you picked up any new hobbies recently?
  34. have you discovered any new boundaries recently?
  35. a friend hands you $10k, on the condition you have to donate it to a non-profit. what non-profit or cause would you support?
  36. what should I know about what’s happened with Emacs development/packages/configuration in the last…. five years?
  37. how would you describe ingroup Twitter / tpot to a friend that’s not in it?
  38. who is your favorite mystic, and why?
  39. if you’ve done work on your (unhealthy) attachment style, what’s helped you to move towards security?
  40. how do you interpret your dreams, if you do?
  41. if the word magick means something to you – what does it mean to you?
  42. if you had to change careers to something totally different from what you’re doing right now, what would you do?
  43. how do you resolve or ease difficult emotions in your body?
  44. what’s a song that consistently has a specific emotional impact on you?
  45. think of a song you really enjoy dancing to. how would you describe the way it sounds?
  46. for a topic you’re knowledgeable about, or a skill you’re competent in- how would you advise beginners go about learning that area/skill? anything non-obvious about it that’s particular to that area/skill?
  47. what do you see happening to Twitter in the next five years?
  48. what makes your favorite group chat special for you?
  49. meditators and meditation teachers: what advice would you give to someone who leads guided meditations?
  50. what makes for a really good playlist that you make for someone else?
  51. for something you’re really good at- what’s something about that skill that’s not obvious to people who aren’t skilled at it?
  52. what’s a kind of software program or feature that doesn’t currently exist, that you’d like to see exist?
  53. if you could do novel, high-quality scientific research on any topic, what would you want to do scientific research on?
  54. what advice would you give your younger self, that would have helped you face the opportunities and challenges you’ve had so far in your life?
  55. if you had to guess, what advice would you think your future self would give you about what’s still ahead in your life?
  56. what does dying well mean to you?
  57. how do people or organizations moderate/manage huge slacks/discords, with hundreds or thousands of people?
  58. how would you describe how you manage information, reading material, messages coming in to you in the age of information abundance? how do you decide what to read and respond to, and what to ignore or postpone?
  59. what is your relationship to hope?
  60. what’s an old book or author that you feel has enduring significance or renewed relevance, but isn’t widely read or known?
  61. what’s a tweet that has changed your life?
  62. do you have an old tweet or thread that you would write differently now? how would you change it?
  63. is there someone that you’d love the opportunity to thank for the impact they’ve had on your life? how did they help you? if they’re on twitter – tag them πŸ₯°
  64. you have to rename yourself to one word, that is not commonly, typically, or, contemporaneously used as a name. what name would you choose?
  65. is there a concept or idea that you wish was more widely or well understood?
  66. you decide that, based on your best estimations, someone is a sociopath. what do you do? how does that affect how you interact with them?
  67. what makes online communities thrive?
  68. are there any formal methods or techniques for intentionally cultivating theory of mind?
  69. what do you do to make yourself laugh?
  70. what’s something delightful, interesting, or unusual about you that we’d likely never discover about you unless we lived with you?
  71. what skills do you expect you’ll need to cultivate for the coming chapters of your life?
  72. how do you like to make friend moves? what makes for a good friend move?
  73. what helps friendships and relationships of all kinds heal after there’s been some kind of interpersonal challenge or trauma?
  74. do you have an obscure word that you really like?
  75. are there any thought experiments that significantly reframed your thinking or values?
  76. you can ask any living or historical figure one question. who would you want to ask a question? what question would you ask?
  77. how do you discern the signal from the noise with respect to current affairs, political or otherwise?
  78. do you have any uncommon ethical rules or guidelines for yourself?
  79. what would you like to do more of in the coming year?
  80. how do you decide who to follow here? has your criteria for who you follow changed over time? how?
  81. are there any stories that you think about often, that have formed a significant role for you in your life? what is it about that story that resonates for you?
  82. what is a virtue that is very important to you, that you try to cultivate in yourself, that you admire deeply when you find it in others?
  83. what would you like to know, that you couldn’t possibly know or discover, but you still long to know regardless?
  84. who is an athlete, musical performer, or otherwise embodied person who inspires you with the way they move their bodies?
  85. do you experience different kinds of tiredness?
  86. what kinds of cultural differences have you learned to notice and pay attention to, from the countries you’ve lived and travelled to?
  87. what might you hope people would say at your funeral?
  88. what is something that you value about one of your best friends?
  89. what is something that you could do every day for the rest of your life and never tire of it?
  90. what is something beautiful about the natural settings of the area of the world that you live in?
  91. what is your favorite art bot account on Twitter?
  92. who is someone you followed recently that you’ve enjoyed seeing their tweets and threads?
  93. where do you see the internet going in the next five to ten years?
  94. what is a governmental policy that you admire from a country other than your own?
  95. how would you feel about the prospect of a global government?
  96. what’s something you’d like to see a really solid introductory-level blog post about?
  97. if you couldn’t use the internet for a year, what would you do with your time?
  98. what is something kind that a parent or teacher did for you as a child?
  99. what is something you do that reminds you of the kind of person you want to be?
  100. what question arises in you when you read this thread, that you’d like to ask others?

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