A Meal Blessing

This food is made:

FROM LOVE: from the love of all creatures, the infinitely peaceful and wonderfully precious love that is all around us; from the love & death of plants and animals.

WITH LOVE: with the loving hands of the cooks

THROUGH LOVE: through the loving connections between all things, the enchanted cross-pollinations and flows happening all the time

AMONG LOVE: among the loving friends that share this meal on this beautiful day we are given as a blessed gift

TO LOVE: to love, to be loved, to be recognized in its unique flavors and beauty, to be cherished and held and consumed with gratitude

FOR LOVE: for cultivating love, so that we may sustain ourselves, for our loved ones, for the love between us and the living earth, for the love lineages we are each a part of, and for the benefit of all beings

Originally written by Benjamin “Bee Eye” Haynes, adapted and shared with permission.

The art in this post was created by Sรญlvia Bastos, and is licensed under a CC BY 2.0 license. You can support her work on Patreon.ย