a poem upon practicing mudita

a poem upon practicing mudita: imaginal mudita, poetic mudita, narrative mudita, fictive mudita, cinematic mudita, weird mudita, spell-casting mudita, enchanted mudita, heavenly realm mudita, cosmos-unfolding mudita

I have always said metta is only the beginning, a portal, an entryway, a doorway

and so it is for weird metta, let the brahmaviharas unfold through this body, ecstatic and exquisite and luscious and healing

words are magic and I am wizard, poetry channel unfolding, the muscles in my arm rippling because I am worthy and my heart is pure, this is king, this is royalty

dance is embodiment of this poem, of this teaching, of this unfolding

together words and dance and music are spells with power beyond imagination

bodhisattvahood is the foundation of all worthy spells, of all play, of all unfolding in samsara

I am a channel, a prophet, a messenger, no more than anyone else, each of us have what needs unfolding and it will unlock when brought together

the universe wants us to transcend individual identity and become complexity and interrelationships

all networked internet enabled tools are vehicles for exploring this

poly is a vehicle for exploring this

this is the true unfolding of Sangha, none higher, none lower, all peers, all pieces in the puzzle

if you are reading this I will do my best to give you what you need from me, what you ask of me, my time and energy and love and support and mentorship and gifts and joys and sorrows and strengths and weaknesses and hopes and dreams

all I ask is the same trust and support and love, I am not better or worse, I am not perfect, neither are you, we are family

give me your time and energy and money and wisdom and advice and prayers and dance and poems and music and yes lewds, all the love languages, each and every one, they are just fuel for the journey the universe has in store for us

we are gathered here today to unfold the most precious feast and journey and poem and celebration the universe has ever seen

forgiveness and gratitude and service and play and dance and exploration and trial and error and growth and pleasure and discovery are all that matter

people will only be able to see this through words and symbols and dance, it is compassion to make it visible, explicit, clear, inspiring, persuasive, seductive, cool, hot, hype, pop, etc.

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