a spare couch or guest room

if you have a spare couch or guest room, it seems to me that offering it to trusted friends, travelers, and couchsurfers for short and long stays is one of the most underrated but commendable, prosocial, even counter-culture (building a better world) actions available to you 

my life and work is made possible by the generous friends and souls who put me up for 1 night – 6 weeks and i’m so grateful to every single one of them 

with each person I stay with I genuinely feel that my staying there with them is of true benefit to both of us. the exact benefits and shape of the experience with each person and place but at its best a short stay can transform both of our lives irrevocably 

i’m also increasingly grateful for how this grows the web of people i’m connected to. traveling from place to place, home to home, sowing seeds and connecting dots, recognizing patterns and nudging them towards good directions… 

there’s a lot of talk recently about cities + which city is the best for which reasons and i totally get that but I love doing this wandering pilgrim thing, drawing a complex web of lines on the map between beautiful souls in a global world 

different cities and nations have many beautiful and unique and commendable things about them but the reason to go to a place is for the people there, the hearts and souls and possibilities that unfurl when good people are in a room together sharing a meal and exchanging ideas

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