you can reliably make yourself happier + be a better person by practicing lovingkindness and the other brahmavihārās and letting that shape how you show up in the world

a word of encouragement at the right time can transform someone’s whole life + ripple out to affect the whole world

if you learn to listen to the wisdom the world is showing you through your life, you can avoid a tremendous amount of pain and suffering; and even if you don’t, you’ll eventually learn what you need to, anyway

friendship, love, and community are the greatest treasures in the world. doubling down on them every chance you get will make you terrifically happy and be a tremendous gift to the world

the things that make you happiest are also of great benefit to the people you love, your community, and the world

being a good person is actually jolly good fun, it’s not a painful sacrifice

learning to express yourself through words, music, art, dance, or some other medium will help you understand yourself deeply and will inspire many others

taking the time and effort to get good at something takes persistence and hard work but is also deeply satisfying and increasingly fulfilling with time

questions lead to more questions, curiosities lead to more curiosities, solving one mystery reveals many more. letting your curiosity + questions lead, living in the world is like walking down an endless staircase that gets more and more intriguing and beautiful

the way you see the world shapes the way you act in the world shapes the way you are perceived in the world. if you are kind and curious, the world will be delightful and fascinating and people will love you

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