500 Monasteries to Save the World

Ten months after I started training at the Monastic Academy, my teacher, Soryu Forall, gave a talk that completely changed my perspective on what our organization was doing and what it was aiming for.

What MAPLE Needs, 2020

Like many nonprofits this year, the Monastic Academy is facing a gap between our funds raised and our expenses. Donate $33 so we can continue to create the trustworthy leaders that the world needs!

What OAK Needs, 2020

OAK is a moral and spiritual compass for Silicon Valley. At this time, funding our budget is our biggest constraint. You can help OAK by donating directly to our operations budget for 2021.

A New Breed of Scholar Monk

Religious traditions that last for centuries and millennia tend to have dedicated scholars, who study, write, and preserve texts that support their larger purpose and work.