Towards Burja Mapping

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This post contains a new kind of strategic mapping, similar to Wardley Mapping, but concerned more with the complexity of human power dynamics. I am tentatively calling it Burja Mapping.

Retrospective on A 12 Week Year

“The 12 Week Year” argues that a calendar year — a 365 day time span — is too long a period to effectively plan and execute on your goals. Instead, you should do that process on a quarterly basis.

A Feasible Goal

Last year, I began reading books from the Personal MBA Recommended Reading List, a collection of 100 best books about business. One of the books I read was The Goal by Eliyahu Goldratt.

Goldratt on Persuasion

Although Eliyahu Goldratt’s books seem to be related to the realm of business, if you learn more about Goldratt and his ideas, it becomes clear that he believed they extended far beyond the domain of business.