Give Your Gift

Give Your Gift is a six week online program designed to help you find your vow and give your gift.

We see you as a hero—a badass, cool, powerful person who longs to serve the world.

We see your spark—your skills and hopes and dreams—and we want to see that come to life, for your joy and the benefit of the world.

We want to see heroes like yourself flourish, and to build a community of such people working together to joyfully serve the world.

During Give Your Gift, you will plan, create, and offer a service project to the world—a project that is fun for you, will help you to grow, and will be of tremendous benefit. A project that has your name on it, that was designed for you—as if you were born to give this gift.

There is a limit of nine places in the program. Participation is selective and available only by application. Applications close at 11:59 PM ET on June 14th (8:59 PM PT). We anticipate that applications will be competitive, and will be selecting participants who we feel would benefit most from this special opportunity, whose projects will have the biggest positive impact on the world.

We expect that this program will mark a turning point in your life, and that its ripples will be felt in our communities and the world for years to come. We hope you’ll join us!

Tasshin and Mary

Applications for the Give Your Gift cohort have closed. You can apply to the Empowerment program, though, which is currently offered on a rolling basis!

The Program

July 1st — August 12th, 2023

Saturdays 12:00 PM–1:30 PM
All times US Eastern Time (New York).

Give Your Gift consists of six 90-minute live group sessions, with lectures, discussion, and exercises; two 60-minute joint coaching sessions with Tasshin and Mary; and a service project that you’ll design, create, and complete by the end of the program.

The six weeks will have two chapters:

Find Your VowGive Your Gift
Week 1: Launch
Week 2: Values
Week 3: Vows
Week 4: Productivity
Week 5: Strategy
Week 6: Landing

To help you Find Your Vow, you’ll have two unique joint coaching calls with Tasshin and Mary. We’ll ask you about your your skills, your gifts, your hopes, your dreams, and your vision. You’ll be surprised and delighted by the insights you’ll learn about yourself and the dots you’ll connect.

To help you Give Your Gift, we will co-create a a service project with you to help you move forward with giving your gifts to the world. Our ideal service project will be something that you’re excited about, which will be fun for you, beneficial for the world, feasible for where you’re currently at, but will also challenge you to grow.

What Does Give Your Gift Include?

  • 6 live sessions with Tasshin and Mary on specific topics designed to help you grow: Values, Vows, Productivity, and Strategy
  • 2 joint coaching sessions with Tasshin and Mary (60 minutes each) designed to understand you, your life story, what you care about in the world, and what you want to create
  • A fun, unique service project tailored to you, that is aligned with your skills and goals, that you are capable of doing at your current skill level, that will help you to grow, and be of benefit to the world
  • A cohort of hand picked, highly motivated, kind peers focused on supporting each other and helping the world 
  • Weekly group co-working sessions where you can work with others in the course or ask questions of Tasshin and Mary
  • One group “office hours” session with Tasshin and Mary to answer questions and help you with your project
  • Access to the Give Your Gift community Discord server, filled with your fellow course participants and other heroes who support each other in kind and loving ways. Includes your own “feed” channel where you can journal in community about your projects and discoveries
  • Free lifetime access to the Digital Productivity Coach to help you improve your productivity skills

Participation in this program costs $1,000.

Live Q&A

We hosted a live Q&A to share about the program and answer questions. The call was recorded and shared publicly. You can watch the recording here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Program Leaders

Tasshin Fogleman

I’m an extremely online pilgrim wandering this precious world for the benefit of all beings. 💗

I live a simple life, dedicating my life to being of service, supported by the generosity of others.

I have three main endeavors: spreading love, following my curiosity, and empowering others.

It brings me tremendous joy to see people deeply, to help move them towards giving their deepest gifts to the world, and to watch the benefits compound and ripple out.

Mary Bajorek

I believe in creating a world where all of us are doing work that is an expression of who we are and the impact we want to make. A world where each of us lives meaningfully, courageously and unapologetically in connection with each other and ourselves.

Through my work as a work life coach at Lifeworthloving Coaching, I have guided dozens of people from all over the world in a myriad of professions to gain clarity on what’s important to them, work through external and internal blocks and make choices that lead them to share their gifts in a way that best supports both them and what the world needs. 

I love people, facilitating transformative experiences through creative forms and seeing each other as learners.