altar to the school of the universe

i will speak poetically, metaphorically, suggestively, psychoactively

imagine that the universe is a school, and u r here to learn lessons

u r doing great. God (the top teacher) is proud of u and loves u. u will not pass or fail

u get to decide what u r learning and how fast u learn. the most important thing is to learn and grow, and 2 have fun doing so

if u get to decide how fast u learn, then that’s great! feel into how fast u want to learn

the universe would like u 2 know that ur learning matters, it really matters

there’s no rush, but it would be good to set the speed of learning as follows:

as fast as you can learn, while it’s still enjoyable 4 u, healthy and safe 4 u, safe and good for others

if we take a moment to view life through the lens or metaphor of a video game: one useful perspective on the game’s difficulty level is the degree of complexity you can skillfully handle while still enjoying and loving yourself, benefitting others rather than harming them

this is what’s needed now in ur life and by the people u love and by the universe itself

the universe will slow down and take care of u if u need it 2

but if it’s safe to do so, try to learn as much as you can. no speed limits

one thing u can do is ask urself every day, when u remember, or want to: “what did i learn today?”

visualize it, articulate it to urself, journal about it, tweet about it, share it with a friend. help urself internalize what you’re learning, consolidate it, integrate it

u can learn from everyone u meet, from every moment, from every interaction, from every opportunity, every project, every situation

if you truly believe in your heart of hearts that you can learn from every single person you meet, that you can grow through every single interaction you have, your whole life will be an endless psychoactive journey, a school prepared just for you by the universe itself

share what u learn, u will learn more from doing so, have more fun, benefit more beings more deeply. maximum deep benefit

have the humility to learn from anyone you feel drawn towards

have the confidence to teach anyone who asks

if u r a teacher, give back 2 those who need ur help

leave the breadcrumbs you wish you’d found

ask for help from those who can, all will benefit

“Help the person behind you up one step, hope the one above you does the same. Little by little, we climb the pyramid to god, building it as we go. Don’t pull the ladder up behind you.”

don’t rush, don’t hesitate (Soryu’s deepest teaching, bless the Buddha before him)

tell the universe u r here to learn and grow, serve and play

PSA to the universe: i am open to changing radically this year, today, right now if it leads to dramatic improvements in my life and the lives of those i love (all beings) ❤️

slow is smooth, smooth is fast

fast is good, fast is weird

shit’s just gonna keep getting weirder and bigger and harder and better and more beautiful up in this lifeheart, that’s the direction i’m steering in

remember we are in multiplayer mode and every player is good, ur friend, love them even if u don’t like them, play fair and fun, play games together that feel good

this will only make sense if you see that i’m playing multiple mutually-supportive safe-to-run fun-to-play games in parallel, in multiplayer mode with players whose games and play styles interface well with the meta.

resonance is the compass we steer by

let your heart be a compass—trust resonance, steer towards love

above all, love urself, be kind to others. learn lots, get good, grow hard, love big, live big

you have full permission to be your wisest self, to live your fullest life, to shine as bright as the sun, and even brighter in the magnificent history of this precious universe

enjoy the ride! u r doing great, u r loved! god is good! may all beings be happy!

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