The Dark

You are reading a novel, and the protagonist is on the verge of making a choice.

An Offering of Silent Retreats

Last spring, a friend contacted me to introduce me to North Burn. North was beginning a project to host extended silent meditation retreats for dedicated practitioners in a beautiful setting in the Pacific Northwest. Having…


This post shares everything I’ve learned so far about boundaries, and what’s worked for me.


Seeing myself, the people in my life, and the world in terms of vows has brought me a set of gifts. I look closely at each person, and try to discern what their vow is….


Like most teenagers, I went through a rebellious phase. I became a fervent atheist, amongst other things. In retrospect, this was a strange development. I wasn’t raised as a theist. I grew up in the…

What is a Vow?

I always felt called to a sense of purpose. It felt like life had meaning, like I was here for a reason. But I was confused. What was my purpose? How would I find it?…

Reflections on Buddhist Right Speech

Right Speech is the third component of Buddhism’s Noble Eightfold Path. Reflecting on Right Speech is a necessary component of the Buddhist spiritual path, but also provides useful guidelines for anyone who is aware of…

Scaling Benefit

I intentionally structure my projects to create what I call “maximum deep benefit”: helping as many people as possible, as deeply as possible.