Love and Power Art Contest Announcement

I am running a contest with Loopy for visual art pieces with awards totaling $400. The contest will run from January 31 — March 1, 2024.

A few years ago, I (Tasshin) wrote the tweet: “love for my brothers, power for my sisters.” I wrote more about this phrase in an essay published today.

I (Loopy) feel peace, belonging, and comfort when I read this phrase. It relaxes my body and it feels like a puzzle piece that helps me make better sense of the world. I feel called to do what I can to help spread the message of “love for my brothers, power for my sisters,” to give as many people as possible the gift of knowing this phrase, to let it be of benefit to them.

That’s why we’re launching a contest for visual art pieces, with cash prizes: the Love And Power Art Contest.

We are doing this out of a love of art, an appreciation of the message “love for my brothers, power for my sisters,” and a desire to spread the message more widely.

We want to see artistic creations that effectively communicate the message, that express it in ways that might only be possible visually.

We want to encourage people to make visual artwork who might not otherwise make art, or who might not otherwise reflect on the phrase “love for my brothers, power for my sisters.” We want to encourage those artists to share their art, to experience the courage and joy of expressing themselves artistically.

Finally, we want to notice and enjoy the second-order effects of having more art about the message of “love for my brothers, power for my sisters” in the world.


Submissions should be:

  • a new original piece of visual art, not previously published publicly
  • presented as an image, series of images, GIF, or video
  • published online on a personal website or a social media platform, with a publicly accessible URL
  • a visual expression of the message “love for my brothers” or “power for my sisters” or “love for my brothers, power for my sisters”

Submit your visual artwork for consideration to [email protected] — include your name, the title of your artwork, the URL where it can be found, your social media and contact information.

Applications are due by midnight (Eastern Time) on March 1st, 2024. The winners will be announced in March!

What makes for an excellent submission?

An excellent visual artwork will:

  • be enjoyable, beautiful to look at
  • be clearly, obviously resonant with the theme of this contest
  • have a compelling personal voice, showcasing your personality and perspective through your art
  • communicate its message through the artwork alone—no outside knowledge or context is required to understand the artwork’s message

We also encourage (but do not require):


  • Four winners: $100 each

One winner will each be selected by Tasshin and Loopy, and Mary Bajorek will select the other winners.


Thank you to Mary Bajorek for participating in the selection process.

What can I do to help?

If you are an artist, we would love to have you create a visual artwork and submit it to this contest!

Please share this contest with any artists you know who might be interested in submitting a piece.

If you would like to see more visual artwork that expresses the message “love for my brothers” or “power for my sisters” or “love for my brothers, power for my sisters,” we welcome additional contributions to the prize pool. Additional funds will create additional prizes and increase the overall prize amount.

We are launching this contest today, on January 31st, 2024, in memory of Tasshin’s mother Deb LeBel, who passed last year. Today would have been her 68th birthday. Love for Deb, power for her sisters.

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