Love and Power Art Contest — Winners

I’m excited to announce the winners of the Love and Power Art Contest!

Loopy and I launched this contest out of a love of art, an appreciation of the message “love for my brothers, power for my sisters,” and a desire to spread the message more widely.

We selected these four winners:

Untitled by @etirabys

Untitled by @actualwebutante

All Forms are Equal by @TeoriaNeutral

luv4bruvs.png by Hamish Doodles

Congratulations to all our winners! And thank you to everyone who participated – we loved reading your submissions.

Thanks also to Loopy, for proposing this contest, and to Mary Bajorek, for serving as judge. (I was delighted that in the structure Loopy proposed, we gave power to our sister in the form of two votes for winners.)

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