courage is the basis of both healing and service, and also of joy and fulfillment and unimagined ecstasy—for what could be sweeter than daring to live our vow, in all its fullness and beauty? 

cultivate bravery. cultivate love. cultivate curiosity. cultivate empowerment. 

have the courage to believe in yourself 

dare to reimagine your understanding of yourself, to explode what is possible 

have the courage to believe in the biggest, boldest, wisest, most ambitious, most loving version of yourself 

dare to believe in yourself anyway, dare to love anyway 

dare to love like those who loved you, dare to love like them and even more—it is how you say thanks for what love you received, and pass it on for those to come, who need your love 

dare to become greater than the heroes who inspired you, they will be honored by your ambition and achievements—it is how you express gratitude to the past and sow seeds for the future 

have the courage to go up to the very limits of what is possible with your time and your energy and your life and your skills and your gifts and your hopes and your dreams. 

banish any barriers that are merely imagined, and bow with humility at genuine constraints. let your life be a blessing, day in and day out. love, love, love—give, give give. 

have the courage to do it differently—to try again, in a new way, with new inspiration and possibilities—to try again and again, to experiment and play 

dare to live a long and full life, with many joys, with tremendous growth and abundant gifts—let your life ripple out through the universe, the splash of an enormous boulder, plunged deep, thrown into the lake that is the very fabric of spacetime 

dare to believe in yourself even if no one else does, dare to climb even if the pit is endless, dare to shout even if there is only void, dare to live fully and unapologetically, even if no one notices or armies descend to stop you… 

…dare to love even if the world feels dark and cold and hopelessly alone—your life is simply this precious… 

…with unassailable bravery, you can only be astonished by the company you will find, the gifts that come, the joys you discover, the resounding gale of torrential love that is there to greet you 

dare to believe that giving your gift is not just for the world and its benefit, but also for yourself and your joy 

dare to believe that service is a joy and a blessing and a delight to give 

dare to believe that living your life fully is your greatest fulfillment 

dare to live your life like the hero you always hoped you could be. the world needs that of you, and so do you 

dare to believe that ethics can be fun 

dare to see and say the wisdom you need even if no one else can see it or has said it—this is why you are alive, this is why you were born—to see it, to say it, to live it, to love it like a parent loves their child 

dare to love and empower and believe in those who dare to love and empower and believe in you 

have the courage to see every living person, each and every person you meet as a hero, a prayer, a gift from the universe, a marvellous dream it dreamed up, its most precious line of verse, a beautiful song and a sacred hymn… 

…as though the universe was born solely so that they might live—can you summon that degree of awe and reverence? for they deserve it, every single one, and you do as well 

“good things are coming,” dare to be surprised and delighted by them 

have the courage to believe in magick 

have the courage to truly believe in heartspace 

have the courage to journey to places and realms you never dared to imagine or believe possible 

dare to believe in the heavenly realms that are coming, that your gifts can help unlock 

don’t let discomfort with grandeur bar your entry to a heavenly realm, to a far greater life than you could have imagined 

we will be great not for doing what those before us have done, but for doing what only we can do now

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