Mettā Heroes

“There are a hundred thousand species of love, separately invented, each more ingenious than the last, and every one of them keeps making things.”

— Richard Powers, The Overstory

Love is a primal, unconditional, transcendent force innate to the universe. It is vast, formless, unending—and yet, it takes many forms, wears many guises, knows many secrets and opens endless doors.

Those who take up the path of Love develop their own unique flavor of practice—that they express love differently, uniquely through their actions and their life. 

Everyone can cultivate love, everyone can do loving kindness meditation, everyone can practice the brahmavihārās—and yet love expressed by Jesus looks differently than love expressed by Teresa of Avila, Peace Pilgrim, Martin Luther King, Jr. These are beings we call “Mettā Heroes,” bodhisattvas who have so cultivated the path of Love that they have made it their own. 

We want to identify and catalyze especially loving beings in our network, and help them to manifest their love and kindness in ways that radically transform their lives and the people they are connected to.

What kind of love is your soul yearning to express? How might you give that love to the world as a gift?

there is a way that love wants to express itself through each of us that needs to come alive

it is a need, a yearning, a desire felt in the utmost heart of the very fire of the universe

once it has been expressed, offered to the world as a gift, it is available to everyone, a tongue that all can speak, a heart for each and every being to love by

blessings to all who opened love for me, may I live to open love for all

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