Build A Meditation Habit

I’m launching an online course to help you build a meditation habit!

During the course, you’ll develop a meditation habit that’s:

  • Fun: Practicing meditation feels good and is interesting
  • Consistent: 5-30+ minutes of practice every day, in any posture
  • Effective: Noticeably decreases suffering and increases fulfillment

The main pillar of the class will be a daily meditation practice. During the course, you will meditate every day – for a minimum of five minutes! Five minutes a day is feasible for everyone, no matter how busy your schedule or how difficult you find meditation. Once you’ve established a consistent habit, you can add time at your own pace.

Each week, there will be a group class, with lecture, guided meditation, and discussion portions. The class will be offered twice, on Wednesdays from 7-8 PM ET / 4-5 PM PT, and on Thursdays from 4-5 PM ET / 1-2 PM PT. There will be five sessions, spanning twenty eight calendar days – a month of practice. Attending the weekly classes is optional but strongly encouraged. Recordings will be available after each call, should you wish to attend at a different time or review the material.

This course is offered on a sliding scale basis. All are welcome to participate, regardless of means. 10% of proceeds will be donated to Dharma Gates, a non-profit dedicated to connecting young people to deep contemplative practice (see my blog post on Dharma Gates here).

Course Content:

  • Habit Formation: How do habits work? How can we use the theory and practice of habit formation to develop a meditation habit? What tips and traps apply to forming a meditation habit in particular?
  • Meditation Theory: What is meditation? Why practice? What are the benefits of practice that we might want or expect? How should we approach practice over time?
  • Meditation Instruction: techniques and strategies to make meditation both fun and effective. Metta / Loving Kindness Practice will be a default technique, but we will also explore and be exposed to a variety of other techniques that may be more enjoyable or effective for you. There will be an emphasis as well on using alternative postures besides sitting: lying down, standing meditation (Zhan Zhuang), and walking meditation.

Course Format:

  • 1 Month Course: Five sessions over four weeks, one live 60-minute class per week, hosted on Zoom. Class offered on two separate days to accommodate multiple time zones.
  • Course Work: Only requirement is daily practice of 5-30+ minutes daily.
  • Cost: Sliding Scale. Added fee if you miss a day of practice, as an incentive to maintain a daily practice.
  • Date: Starts April 7, ends May 5, meets once a week for 5 weeks to cover 28 days of practice.

Registration for BAMH! is now closed, but you can sign up to receive notifications about future cohorts here:


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If you know someone who is trying to develop a meditation habit or might benefit from participating in this course, please consider sharing the course information with them.

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