Introducing Heartspace Practice

The heart—not your anatomical heart on the left side of your chest, but your emotional heart center in the center of it—has many capacities. The heart feels—happy and sad and angry and afraid and many…

An Offering of Silent Retreats

Last spring, a friend contacted me to introduce me to North Burn. North was beginning a project to host extended silent meditation retreats for dedicated practitioners in a beautiful setting in the Pacific Northwest. Having…

Notes on Learning Tai Chi

As with most things in my life, I’m not an expert in Tai Chi. But the little that I know, and that I practice each day, has brought me great joy and many benefits.

Exploring Internal Family Systems

When I’ve shared with friends that I’ve been getting interested in IFS, there has been a lot of interest and curiosity. I thought I’d share a little bit about what IFS is, how to practice it, and some resources for learning more.