everyone is endlessly fascinating

everyone is endlessly fascinating if you know how to watch and listen and ask questions

celebrities are fascinating because we watch and listen to them and pay attention – but everyone is just as fascinating as the most famous, incredible, heroic celebrity if you watch and listen

to pay attention this deeply to who someone is, how they show up in the world, what their past and dreams are, is an act of tremendous love, healing, and potential

the earth and social fabric shake with awe and delight and possibility from this kind of attentive love

give it to everyone you can as often as you can, it is a gift to the person you attend to, to yourself, and the world

this is why people want to be famous- so they can be perceived and loved so deeply

but we can give this attention as an everyday gift to everyone we meet

the extent to which you are willing to pay this kind of attentive love to yourself is the extent to which you are willing and able to give it to others

you are incredible, beautiful, lovely and fascinating, in your history and your hopes, for your most powerful strengths and even in your weaknesses and mistakes and imperfections- you have so much potential to grow in yourself + serve others, and I love you so much 

– Tasshin πŸ™

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