an unexpected benefit of having your own podcast

one unexpected benefit of having your own podcast is the ability to go back and listen to your own episodes 

it’s incredible: someone made a podcast featuring a guest i’m interested in, talking about topics i’m interested in, asking exactly the questions i’d ask 

let me listen really carefully to what they said, remember what they said, consider how it relates to my life, and how I might apply what they’re sharing to my current situation and problems and goals 

it’s an unexpectedly sacred experience, where the guest is a kind of spiritual teacher 

they don’t have to be perfect, they don’t have to know everything, they can have flaws and problems and challenges, i don’t have to endorse them completely 

it’s just that my soul senses there is something valuable for me to learn from this person, there’s something here for me to learn, some way that I can grow with their direction and assistance 

i will give them my attention, listen carefully during and after the conversation, and apply what i learn to my life and my projects 

and if we’re lucky, it might just benefit others, too. 

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