mental models of awakening

from reading a book or two and hanging around spiritual scenes and only a very short moment of practice i’ve picked up a number of mental models of awakening 

these models are maps – and may or may not even be particularly accurate models of the territory. they’re just some concepts I’ve acquired over time in a cluttered attic. i’m listing for my own reference + sharing in case it’s useful

  • no suffering: while the awakened person may experience pain or physical hardship, they will not experience psychological suffering in any circumstance. they are equanimous with their experience, regardless of their fortune or misfortune
  • escape from patterns: the awakened person is free from psychological patterns, feedback loops, sanskaras that cause suffering
  • perception and behavior: accurate perception, appropriate behavior, feeding into and supporting each other, moment after moment
  • not making things worse: the awakened person’s actions do not make things worse for themselves or others. frequently, their actions improve the situations they find themselves in
  • persistent expanded awareness: the awakened person has persistently expanded awareness. their awareness never contracts – indeed, they may be incapable of contracting their awareness or getting distracted
  • co-creation, non-persons: “awakening” is co-created in presence of others. there is no awakened “person,” but rather more or less awakened vibes, dynamics, interrelationships etc.
  • good person: the awakened person acts ethically, even in complex and unprecedented situations. their actions are beneficial and do not cause harm
  • purpose in life: the awakened purpose has found a deep sense of purpose and fulfillment. they know themselves and their role in life, and unfailingly act in accordance with their purpose
  • sentience: sentience and the existence of life and the universe is already awakening. all beings have buddha nature; every one and everything is aware. simply to be present in this moment to the miracle of life is awakening

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