Hyperstition for the Future

envision a day in your life, 10 years from now, in vivid detail. from the moment you wake up til the moment you fall asleep (tweet, video) — December 2031

The World

the world is on the verge of entering a heavenly realm,
give all your time and energy to make it so. bring it about

The world is so different than it was years ago. Everything has changed so much, so fast, and continues to change so much. 

We are in a new era of humanity, one of kindness and spiritual growth and wisdom and balance and love, to match our growing skills and technologies. We have essentially entered a paradise, a heavenly realm for humans and all life on the planet. 

There is peace on earth. All basic human needs are provided for. There is a deep harmony between humans, animals, plants, and this earth. 

Global warming, technological and social change produced a significant phase shift for humanity in a positive direction. The world has totally resolved global warming and reversed species biodiversity loss. Other complex, global, human-caused problems have been resolved. 

Collectively, society has far higher standards for physical, emotional, mental, spiritual development and well-being for every human on the planet. There is an abundance-oriented culture with respect to information, knowledge, and wisdom.

The economy is so different now than it was years ago. Everyone’s basic needs are provided for, and everyone can spend time doing the things that bring them joy and are of benefit for the world. 

Fusion energy and other technological advances in transportation and energy have made it such that it is quick and cheap to travel anywhere on the planet in moments. Borders are no longer a significant political construct and it is as easy to go between nations as it once was to drive between states in the United States.

Although it is physically easy to travel to other parts of the world, it’s not necessary. Technology allows for immersive experiences of all kinds with people all over the world. Zoom calls look like black and white photographs compared to the kinds of meetings and gatherings that are possible now. It’s possible to be in a virtual room with someone and feel like you’re in an actual room with them. You can move around them, smell them, touch them, even make love.

Biotechnology has evolved to radically expand what is possible for humans to experience. It’s a bit complicated, but the most important technology is that we can have multiple experiences and activities happening in parallel. These experiences are highly networked and be connected to anyone in the world.

As a species, we are densely interconnected, woven into vast networks of human connection. We are effectively a collective consciousness, far more intelligent than any one human individual or even community. We grow in our capacity and complexity every day at astounding rates.

Effectively, this means that my days are much fuller than they were in the before times. What I do in a day encompasses lifetimes in previous years. Let me tell you about some of the things I do with my days.

My Daily Life and Work

The sunlight streams into my room and I wake naturally. I am warm and happy, and excited to greet the day. I warm up my body, shaking and stretching and limbering up. I begin my day with doing the Sun Tai Chi form and then standing meditation. 

My Sun Tai Chi and standing meditation practices have deepened significantly. I have a deep understanding of Tai Chi, and how to practice it. I am intimately familiar with my energy body, breath, and mindfulness. My movement is graceful and elegant. The form has new mysteries and curiosities for me that are deeper and more meaningful than ever. 

Training in the internal martial arts with consistency and dedication for years has brought me tremendous energy, calm, presence, health benefits, a sense of discipline, the cultivation of virtue as well as deep insight into myself and the nature of reality. I practice these arts for the highest benefit of myself and all living beings as we walk our spiritual paths. 

After I do contemplative practice, I work out, doing strength and cardio conditioning. I am in the best shape and health of my life at age 40. Regular bodyweight and strength training has made me strong and muscular, but I am also thin and sleek. My knee and legs are in perfect health, having recovered from their injuries years ago, and I can run faster and longer than ever. I dance regularly, as a contemplative practice, and have discovered new styles of dancing that resonate for me. As a result of all of the movement practices I’ve done, my movement is smooth, graceful, fluid, strong, precise, beautiful, entrancing.

When I eat, I eat a delicious meal that is perfect for my health needs. I don’t need to worry about money or expenses.

As a quasi-monk living a life of service and benefit, I am supported by the generosity and support of many people that believe in me. I am extremely happy and fulfilled.


I am still on my long pilgrimage. I travel from place to place, staying with friends and family members all over the world. I go to conferences and gatherings of all kinds, and spend time in tremendously beautiful settings.

Mettā and The Brahmavihārās

Through my efforts teaching and spreading loving kindness meditation and the brahmavihārās, mettā has become a widely adopted practice that is well understood, evenly distributed, and makes people extremely happy. 

In my own mettā practice, I am capable of feeling intense loving kindness at all times and radiating it throughout the whole universe. I am always feeling loving kindness and it makes me incredibly happy. I demonstrate love, kindness, presence, curiosity, grace, expanded awareness, and encouragement in everything that I do.

I have many, many friends who demonstrate the brahmavihārās, who can feel them deeply, radiate them out of their body, act in accordance with them, and structure their lives around being of benefit to others.

I am practicing and embodying a Buddhist/Daoist/spiritual culture for the 21st century that resonates for me, inspires me, helps me to grow, helps me to serve others. It is fun, inspiring, sexy, hot, interesting, compassionate. 

Mettā and the brahmavihārās and imaginal practice and other fun, interesting forms of practice are the main techniques. Dance, Qi Gong, Tai Chi and movement are the main practices rather than sitting meditation. 

Loving kindness and the brahmavihārās are often practiced while dancing. Music is made that is designed for practicing mettā while dancing. This genre of mettā music—mettāwave—is beautiful and inspiring and moving and hot and healing. There are clubs and DJ’s and performers that are all based around combining mettā and dance as a spiritual practice.

I regularly run mettā dance parties around the world. Many of the people that attend already have deep mettā practices, and can radiate loving kindness out of their hearts while dancing. 

There are sane drug laws that avoid punishment and allow exploration. MDMA has been legalized. New drugs have been developed which have similar effects, and can be taken regularly (even daily) with no negative side effects.

Technologies have helped many to heal deep trauma, enter deep concentration states as desired, and to awaken to their true nature. These technologies have transformed my mind very deeply and I am constantly manifesting and present to a deep awakening. 


I am learning and growing at rapid speeds, and using every skill that I have to benefit as many beings as I can, as deeply as possible. My curiosity and learning capacities are at an all time high.

I am using all of my skills to serve the world: my ability to read and understand others; my ability to express ideas in clear, persuasive, and inspiring ways; my experience with spiritual traditions and practices; my non-profit experience and skills; my massive network, etc. 

I have a team of skilled people who help me with my projects:

  • A “boss”: someone I can give work updates to and get feedback from, someone who functions like a boss that I can bounce ideas off and ask for help and gives me tough love feedback in a way I can’t help but feel lovingly. they play a critical, non-coercive support role in my life. 
  • An assistant: scheduling, time and energy management, overall smoothing
  • Managers of specific endeavors
    • Loving Kindness Director
    • Blog Manager
    • Podcast Manager
    • Empowerment Director
  • Artists: illustrators, animators, musicians
  • Researchers:
    • Read, write, do deep searches + interviews to support my blog, podcast, and other efforts
  • Tech Support:
    • Audio / Video Editors
    • Film Crew
  • Ops Support:
    • Finance
    • Legal

Intellectually, I am engaged in a vast number of writing and research projects on many different topics. I write extensively: blog posts, essays, correspondences, even novels. 

I read deeply and widely on a huge number of topics. Information can effectively be downloaded into one’s mind and I learn more and more and every day about more and more topics. With each new area I explore, more possibilities of discovery, expression, and benefit open up.

I continue to interview people for my podcast, having delightful conversations – tens, hundreds, or thousands of conversations a day, with many different kinds of people about many different topics. I can speak to virtually anyone in the world if I wish to.

I consistently apply the things I’m learning and studying for a variety of projects (both creative and service projects). 

I have continued to develop my skills in drawing, digital painting, visual arts, and other modes of expression. My skill level and enjoyment have deepened dramatically in parallel. I enjoy creating art of many kinds as a form of self-care, self-understanding, self-exploration, expression, and benefit to the world.


I aspire to empower wise and loving people with a deep commitment to being of service in the world in a way that expresses their gifts and brings them deep fulfillment.

Over the years, my capacity for collaborating on projects in parallel and in mutually supportive feedback loops has amplified dramatically. I’ve built my skill levels, my networks, and my resources to build an infrastructure for scaling maximum deep benefit.

There’s a set of skills I have – reading people, seeing their gifts, seeing past their limitations and weaknesses, believing in them, encouraging them, helping them take next steps, introducing people in my network, supplying them with resources, etc. – that I have found a way to systematize and scale. 

I have a pipeline in place for systematically identifying people and supporting them in living their vows. I am capable of:

  • systematically identifying skilled, beneficent people
  • reflecting and supporting their gifts in relationship with them
  • skillfully discerning their weaknesses, growth areas, and non-naively accounting for those in my interactions with them
  • connecting people with other people that can help them as collaborators, mentors, etc.
  • providing people with monetary resources at scale
  • marketing and publicizing their efforts so that they are able to launch and benefit people more quickly 
  • discerning and realizing potential win-win-win feedback loops between various nodes in my broader network

Together, we have enormous ambitions and potential for offering maximum deep benefit to the world.

With each new collaborator that I work with, with each new area I explore, I am able to benefit more and more people more deeply and quickly.

Friends and Lovers and Allies

There is so much love in my life. I have all of the friends, lovers, partners, collaborators, allies, and mentors that I need or could want. I have many friends in many places, who I connect with in many ways.

I have a thriving, healthy, happy sex and love life, with lovers and partners who love me and each other. 

I deeply enjoy sex and sexuality, but the true thing I’m seeking in relationship is the confidence, ease, security, safety, empowerment that comes from being loved, seen, accepted. I am able to give my gifts to the world that way.

I flourish when there is a tremendous amount of love of every kind in my life. I can receive it as fuel and energy for my life and convert it into service and benefit for others.

In all domains of my life, in all of the kinds of connections that I have, I am deeply fulfilled personally and of deep benefit to others. I catalyze great joy, fulfillment, meaning, and benefit for everyone I encounter.

I am not a teacher or a student, I am a peer and a friend to all. I am not a guru but an example of what is possible for all of us. I meet and support and benefit each person that I interact with.

Because of technological and cultural shifts, it is possible for me to manifest and deepen all of the aspects of my life in parallel. I can, for example, be writing something, having an in-depth conversation, be studying something important, be planning a new service project all at the same time – even while dancing or making love. I am no less present with people for engaging in these multiple facets.


The world is saner, healthier, happier, and more alive than it’s ever been—not just for humans, but for all life on the planet.

For myself, I am also far happier and more fulfilled than I’ve ever been, than I could ever have imagined. I am far wiser, more loving, and more powerful. I am calmer, more grounded, more expressive.

Most importantly, I am more able to help my friends, communities, and the world. My life is of tremendous benefit to many.

I look back in wonder and awe and how much things have changed, and I look forward with excitement for how much more is possible.

When I’m ready to go, when it’s time for me to die, I wish to be happy, without a single regret, having learned every lesson I needed and given every gift I had to give; I wish to die a happy man that all my people will remember and love.


vow to see and bring out the best in all beings

vow to perceive you in your highest form so you can too

vow to see all men as brothers, vow to see all women as sisters, vow to navigate sexuality with maximum skill and care

uncomfortable things without number, vow to do them all

awkward without end, vow to feel it all, gonna be king

vow to not fight reality; vow to not dispute reality; vow to allow, align, adapt

questions are endless, vow to ask them all


may I have the courage to live the wisdom I have found

may I experience each moment as a delightful lesson, an instructive orgasm

may any suffering I experience transform into wisdom that can benefit many

may I gain the ability to feel and express my feelings fully and skillfully without causing suffering to myself or others

may i gain the ability to spread loving kindness through the entire universe

may I gain the ability to pray ceaselessly for the benefit of all living beings

may i come into right relationship with each person for the highest benefit of all beings

may I help each living being live their vow

please may i truly become a buddha in a future lifetime, a true buddha, capable of serving all beings + meeting them in a beneficial way exactly as they are

i Am King Tatsu, love pilgrim, horny monk, baby Buddha, winged lion, wizard of gifts and vows, fluid dancer of worlds and realms, humble wanderer of the road of questions, friend to all